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Our bowls of endless flavors from the east


Made in house. The way noodles were meant to be


It’s all about the filling. And the dough

Since 1968

Tangy Noodle is a Chinese noodle restaurant that continues the Chef "Shorty" Tang's legacy through 3 generations since 1968 in the U.S.


The legendary Yun Fa Tang aka "Shorty" Tang (inventor of cold sesame noodles) opened the original Hwa Yuan Szechuan in 1968. The original restaurant has since closed but was resurrected to its former glory in 2017 by Tang's son, Chen Lieh. Chef Chen Lieh Tang previously opened Shorty Tangy Noodles in Chelsea and then went to manage the 350-seat Hwa Yuan in which has continue to do so till today.


Chen Lieh is now making a comeback with Tangy Noodle, to continue his father's legacy, focusing on noodles. Tangy Noodle was formed to become the #1 noodle restaurant in America.


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